Communications Research

Research should be the first step of every communications program.

Research provides the foundation for better communications. It identifies key issues and publics. It provides the backbone for effective communications strategies.

It can even be used to gain publicity.

English Communications provides qualitative and quantitative communications research. Research methods include environmental scanning, nominal group technique, in-depth interviews, focus groups, surveys, Q-methodology and media content analysis.

English Communications conducts employee attitude studies, communications benchmarking studies, communication audits, communication-vehicle analysis, media content analysis, and measurement programs.




Laurel English has worked to develop communication packages for all of our Internet enhancement launches. One challenge we faced was shifting the dentists’ use from traditional methods of obtaining benefit information to using our Web site. Laurel developed a research strategy, which included focus groups with dental office managers. She was able to gain information, which we are using to more effectively promote our Web features to dental offices.  

Diane Belle

Vice President, Corporate Communications

Delta Dental of New Jersey

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