The value of communications isn’t in the number of press releases you issued, newsletters published or Internet hits. What your CEO really wants to know is, how did corporate communications help the organization achieve its goals?

Communications measurement provides the answer.

English Communications helps corporate communications departments measure what really matters.

What should you measure?

  1. Whether stakeholders hear your messages. One goal of communications is raising awareness of key messages. Do you know if your key messages are getting through?
  2. How communications affects stakeholders’ attitudes. Are your messages resonating with stakeholders? How are stakeholders’ opinions about issues or the organization changing as a result of your communications?
  3. Whether stakeholder behavior changes because of communications. Are people doing what you want them to be doing?
  4. How those behavior changes affect your organization’s value. In other words, how are you contributing to your organization’s ROI?

Why measure? Because measurement:

  • Shows whether communication programs achieve their goals.
  • Provides data about communications effectiveness that other organizational leaders can understand.
  • Provides a way to benchmark communications programs for continuous improvement.

English Communications helps organizations develop meaningful and easily implemented communications measurement programs. We help make communications measurement routine—and extremely effective.

"Let me express my personal appreciation to you for speaking at the 2006 Council of Communication Management Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Your presentation, 'Measurement on a Budget,' was superb and your participation raised our annual Conference to a new level of excellence. Your insight into what it takes to use metrics as a communications tool was terrific. My warmest thanks for traveling such a far distance and for engaging us so thoroughly with your unique point of view.

"Feedback from our attendees indicated that this was our best Conference ever. Having you among our distinguished speakers was certainly a highlight. Your candor and great stories are sure to remain in our minds, influencing our work and lives long after the Santa Fe glow fades to a memory."

Jill Vitiello

President, Vitiello Associates

Chairman, Council of Communications Management 2006 Conference

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